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IATA Communications
July air pax growth, load factor & more economic analysis focusing on Europe out now: IATA Communications (Thu Aug 18)
Lithium batteries can pose a safety risk for aviation. See how IATA & the industry address it IATA Communications (Tue Aug 16)
Aviation and the Olympics – Faster, Higher, Stronger. Read the piece on PlaneStories: IATA Communications (Fri Aug 05)
Aircargo demand picked up in June w/ 4.3% year-on-year growth – fastest pace in 14 months IATA Communications (Wed Aug 03)
Tony Tyler talks 72nd IATAAGM, climate change & security in his latest CEO Brief IATA Communications (Tue Jul 19)
IATA & FIATA have reached an important agreement on a new jointly-managed air cargo program (IFACP) IATA Communications (Mon Jul 18)
IATA & the AfricanUnion expand cooperation on air transport to benefit economic & social development: IATA Communications (Thu Jul 14)
Latest financial results point to a robust Q1 2016, but ‘Brexit’ vote takes its toll: (pdf) IATA Communications (Mon Jul 11)
.@wto & G20 policy makers look at airfreight as one of key drivers explaining health of global trade. See indicator IATA Communications (Fri Jul 08)
In May's global passenger results, demand rose 4.6% compared to May 2015. Get full details: IATA Communications (Thu Jul 07)
WATS 2016: India sees highest domestic market increase in 2015 w/ 18.8% annual growth IATA Communications (Tue Jul 05)
IATA released a report on Brexit impact on air transport industry (pdf) IATA Communications (Fri Jun 24)
Aviation welcomes clarity on EU Air PassengerRights - regulation 261/2004 IATA Communications (Fri Jun 10)
IATAAGM cyber security panel is now available, with video and photos to download here: IATA Communications (Fri Jun 03)
"We make peoples’ lives better" Closing remarks by Tony Tyler at IATAAGM: IATA Communications (Fri Jun 03)
Alexandre de Juniac confirmed at IATAAGM to succeed Tony Tyler as DG & CEO effective 1 Sept IATA Communications (Fri Jun 03)
New airlineNDC registry will recognize companies' efforts to achieve NDC standard IATA Communications (Fri Jun 03)
IATAAGM photos available on our Flickr album at IATA Communications (Fri Jun 03)
We are calling for a solution on the looming Schengen-US/Canada Visa crisis. Read our full brief: IATA Communications (Thu Jun 02)
Don't forget to visit IATAAGM News Room for all releases, speeches & other media info at IATA Communications (Thu Jun 02)
IATA adopts resolution denouncing terrorism, calls for intensified cooperation among gvmts at IATA Communications (Thu Jun 02)
Read full Tony Tyler's State of Industry speech at IATA Communications (Thu Jun 02)
Global carbon offset scheme encouraged by IATA at IATAAGM as part of resolution to achieve carbon neutral growth IATA Communications (Thu Jun 02)
We urge governments to address airline blocked funds at IATA Communications (Thu Jun 02)
Smart security - "reduced queues, more effective screening and a better passenger experience" Tyler, IATA Communications (Thu Jun 02)
"Smarter Regulation—clearly defined rules easily implemented to solve real issues..." Tyler, IATA Communications (Thu Jun 02)
IATAAGM Outgoing Board of Governors I Photos available on Flickr album IATA Communications (Wed Jun 01)
Tony Tyler on what is planned for the 72nd IATAAGM in Dublin this week: IATA Communications (Mon May 30)
Tony Tyler on what is planned for the 72nd IATAAGM in Dublin this week: IATA Communications (Mon May 30)
The disruptive impact of the Brussels Airport attack weighed on April passenger demand IATA Communications (Mon May 30)
The disruptive impact of the Brussels Airport attack weighed on April passenger demand IATA Communications (Mon May 30)
Air cargo demand still lags behind relatively robust growth on the passenger side: IATA Communications (Mon May 30)
Air cargo demand still lags behind relatively robust growth on the passenger side: IATA Communications (Mon May 30)
Our annual general meeting takes place 1-3 June in Dublin. Look out for IATAAGM. Event info IATA Communications (Fri May 27)
Safety, intra-African connectivity & improved infrastructure - key to air transport & economic development in Africa IATA Communications (Mon May 23)
Financial Monitor records 6.9% fall in airline share prices & a jump in crude oil price IATA Communications (Wed May 11)
Tyler says signs are "encouraging" for agreement on global carbon offsetting scheme for intl. aviation. IATA Communications (Tue May 10)
Aviation plays a critical role in European economy supporting 2 million jobs & 4.1% of GDP. Happy EuropeDay2016 ! IATA Communications (Mon May 09)
Weak air freight results reflect subdued growth in world trade IATA Communications (Wed May 04)
Aviation works! Airlines increased employment for last 5Qs: April IATA Communications (Tue Apr 26)
Europe’s aviation highlights & challenges: see what TonyTyler presented @ European Aviation Club, Brussels IATA Communications (Tue Apr 26)
Driving African economies through the power of aviation, at AviationDay Africa in May: IATA Communications (Tue Apr 19)
Tyler calls for improved comms on infrastructure, regulation & safety developments IATA Communications (Mon Apr 18)
Welcome Nextjet-our newest member! Looking forward to working w/ you to promote sustainable connectivity for Sweden IATA Communications (Fri Apr 08)
Economic growth & increase in services behind spectacular 24.6% India air pax growth in Feb IATA Communications (Thu Apr 07)
Alexandre de Juniac, Chairman + CEO of Air France-KLM, to be seventh IATA DG (1/3) IATA Communications (Tue Apr 05)
Our new study projects 1 million job & EUR245 bn boost to European prosperity in 2035 from airspace modernization IATA Communications (Mon Apr 04)
Congrats to Bahrain - 3rd state to ratify Montreal Protocol 2014 - strong deterrent against IATA Communications (Fri Apr 01)
Tony Tyler on taxes, smart regulation, infrastructure + environment in IATA Communications (Wed Mar 30)
Tyler expresses sympathies to victims & families of Brussels attacks & affirms safety & security remains priority IATA Communications (Tue Mar 22)
IT response to cyber risk is not enough. All depts heads to be involved. Learn cybersecurity strategies IATA Communications (Tue Mar 22)
Congratulations Düsseldorf Airport Cargo, 1st company in Germany to be CEIV Pharma Certified IATA Communications (Fri Mar 18)
The theme for 2016 Ops Conference (Denmark, 18-20 April) will be "Managing Operations in a Changing World" IATA Communications (Thu Mar 17)
Aviation industry proudly signs a Declaration aimed at reducing illegal trade in wildlife IATA Communications (Tue Mar 15)
Tyler praises aviation's efforts to combat illegal trade in wildlife at Buckingham Palace @united4wildlife @CITES IATA Communications (Tue Mar 15)
'Positive momentum in FTKs but exports slowing', George Anjaparadize, IATAWCS. Chartbook: IATA Communications (Tue Mar 15)
Aviation supports German economy - 1.12 mil. jobs and EUR77 billion in GDP IATA Communications (Tue Mar 15)
Time to block your calendar for the IATAAGM 2016, open to accredited media! Find out more: IATA Communications (Tue Mar 08)
Air freight load factors were lower in January 2016 year-on-year across all regions IATA Communications (Mon Mar 07)
Tyler discusses the value aviation brings to Russian people & economy at aviationday in Moscow. Read full speech: IATA Communications (Wed Mar 02)
OnThisDay 45 years ago the very first Bank Settlement Plan (BSP) was established in Japan IATA Communications (Tue Mar 01)
Congrats @QatarAirways for going FastTravel Platinum & great achievements in pax experience IATA Communications (Mon Feb 29)
Tyler talks economics, meeting demand for connectivity & industry's environmental commitments at AviationDay USA IATA Communications (Thu Feb 25)
Tyler talks economics, meeting demand for connectivity & industry's environmental commitments at AviationDay USA IATA Communications (Thu Feb 25)
Nigeria DGCAA commits to improve effective implementation of @ICAO standards & recommended practices (SARPS) IATA Communications (Thu Feb 25)
News Brief: airlineNDC innovation fund to seek new investor, w/ special focus on hackathons IATA Communications (Tue Feb 23)
Premium travel grew 3.7% in 2015. See full premium traffic performance analysis: (pdf) IATA Communications (Mon Feb 22)
Tyler discussed safety, sustainability & value aviation brings to Asian economies at SAALS: IATA Communications (Mon Feb 15)
Partnerships are vital to meeting forecast growing demand for air connectivity in ASPAC IATA Communications (Mon Feb 15)
We have just refreshed & made it mobile-friendly! Check it out: IATA Communications (Mon Feb 15)
Worldwide airline share prices fell 10% in Jan. Details in latest airlines financial monitor IATA Communications (Wed Feb 10)
Time to move forward with US air traffic modernization AIRRact ModernSkies Read Tony Tyler's letter to @Transport IATA Communications (Tue Feb 09)
The agreement of a CO2 Standard, as approved by @ICAO, is a vital and very welcome development IATA Communications (Tue Feb 09)
Proud to announce our partnership w/ @HarrisCorp to develop SkyFusion - a tool that will improve ATM efficiency IATA Communications (Fri Feb 05)
International air travel demand surges to strongest result in 5 years w/ 6.5% growth in 2015 IATA Communications (Thu Feb 04)
News Brief: Crisis management & social media to be addressed at LegalSymposium 2016 in Barcelona, 17-19 Feb IATA Communications (Thu Feb 04)
Global air cargo growth slowed to 2.2% in 2015 overall - slower rate than in 2014. More info IATA Communications (Wed Feb 03)
Airline profit expectations for year ahead have moderated, remain positive, in latest survey of CEO and Cargo Heads: IATA Communications (Thu Jan 21)
Global airline shares up 3% in December compared to Nov due to further falls in fuel prices IATA Communications (Wed Jan 13)
Healthy Nov. traffic demand, but Tyler warns "as we open 2016, economic risks are mounting" IATA Communications (Tue Jan 12)
Global aircargo volumes (FTK) down 1.2% in Nov 2015 year-on-year, though up compared to Oct IATA Communications (Mon Jan 11)
CEO Brief: Tyler looks at year 2015 in aviation & what's new in airline distribution, security & IATA Communications (Wed Dec 30)
Pax traffic rose 4.5% in Oct, supported by within Europe market & travel across N.Atlantic IATA Communications (Mon Dec 21)
India's proposed NCAP is a move in the right direction, but we have some concerns: IATA Communications (Mon Dec 21)
Check out the full proceedings from last week's IATAMediaDay, now available to view at IATA Communications (Mon Dec 14)
Africa Open Skies will allow for employment & economic growth across Africa IATA Communications (Mon Dec 14)
The full statement on the ParisAgreement from IATA Director General and CEO Tony Tyler: IATA Communications (Sat Dec 12)
The full statement on the ParisAgreement from IATA Director General and CEO Tony Tyler: IATA Communications (Sat Dec 12)
The full statement on the ParisAgreement from IATA Director General and CEO Tony Tyler: IATA Communications (Sat Dec 12)
IATAMediaDay: Find yesterday's special briefing for aircargo journalists along w/ presentations, photos & more on IATA Communications (Thu Dec 10)
We had a great IATAMediaDay. Thanks to all journalists for coming & hope to see you at our 72nd IATAAGM in Dublin! IATA Communications (Thu Dec 10)
Most trafficked animal, the pangolin; > 1 mil. poached in 10 yrs. Learn more: IATA Communications (Thu Dec 10)
What are we aiming for in consumer protection? Read C. Jain's IATAMediaDay presentation: IATA Communications (Thu Dec 10)
Catch up on airport slots news from IATA Communications (Thu Dec 10)
Learn about IATA's security recommendations following a challenging 2015: IATA Communications (Thu Dec 10)
How can govts, airlines + consumers work together to make things go smoothly? IATA Communications (Thu Dec 10)
What are the key satisfaction drivers for pax in biz class? Learn more in our IATAMediaDay AirS@t presentation: IATA Communications (Thu Dec 10)
What to expect in 2016 from IATANDC: IATA Communications (Thu Dec 10)
Drone safety, pilot mental health, cabin safety + more in IATAMediaDay safety presentation IATA Communications (Thu Dec 10)
IATA's Chief Economist presents the Global Economic Outlook for 2015. Full presentation: IATA Communications (Thu Dec 10)
How will aviation's climate goals be met? Learn more in the IATAMediaDay presentation: IATA Communications (Thu Dec 10)
Revenues to rise by 0.9% in 2016. See the full Global Economic Outlook for 2016 released today: IATA Communications (Thu Dec 10)
Brazil's airline costs have risen 24% since 2014, revenues increased just 3.7%. Read IATAMediaDay briefing on LatAm IATA Communications (Thu Dec 10)
An analysis of airport fees & the @EU_Commission Airports Package from IATAMediaDay (pdf) IATA Communications (Thu Dec 10)
Happy to see our journalists appreciating the view at IATA Geneva! IATA Communications (Thu Dec 10)
Worldwide airline share prices fell 6% in Nov. amid concerns Paris attacks may impact demand IATA Communications (Wed Dec 09)
PlaneStories site has arrived! Explore the world of aviation on IATA Communications (Wed Dec 02)
Air cargo markets rose just 0.5% in Oct year-on-year while load factors fell below 44% (pdf) IATA Communications (Wed Dec 02)
Read Tyler's speech at AACO2015 on 50 years of association's leadership in helping aviation grow in MidEast region IATA Communications (Tue Dec 01)
Air Passenger Forecast: 7bn pax expected to take the skies in 2034 w/ 3.8% annual growth IATA Communications (Thu Nov 26)
"Ensure that the industry is safe, secure, sustainable & profitable & the rest will follow", Tony Tyler IATA Communications (Mon Nov 23)
"We owe a debt of thanks to Cuba for getting the ball rolling." Tony Tyler, Havana IATA Communications (Mon Nov 23)
Tyler talks Cuba's tourism & aviation growth potential during his visit in Havana on 19 Nov IATA Communications (Mon Nov 23)
Tyler describes 5 ingredients to achieve strong connectivity in Africa IATA Communications (Mon Nov 09)
Cargo Chartbook Q3 reports latest figures in aircargo growth & market analysis IATA Communications (Thu Sep 17)
59th WATS out now: over 40% of international air traffic touched Asia-Pacific in 2014 IATA Communications (Wed Sep 16)
Tyler opens IATAWFS stressing the importance of airlines achieving sustained financial health. See full speech IATA Communications (Wed Sep 16)
Consistent policy approaches enhance connectivity - SmarterRegulation is important to realize aviation’s promise IATA Communications (Tue Sep 15)
Air cargo demand fell 0.6% in July in line with weaker global economic growth IATA Communications (Fri Sep 04)
Press release: Tony Tyler to retire as IATA DG & CEO in June 2016 after serving 5 years in the position IATA Communications (Fri Aug 28)
Airline staff have crucial role to play in fight of illegal trafficking of endangered wildlife IATA Communications (Fri Aug 28)
Aircargo volumes rose just 1.2% in June due to falling trade activity & weaker global growth IATA Communications (Wed Aug 05)
Airline shares rose 4% in July vs. June, buoyed by falling oil prices & strong Q2 results IATA Communications (Mon Aug 10)
Sustaining aviation's financial health to be the focus of 2nd World Financial Symposium on 14-17 Sept in BCN IATA Communications (Wed Aug 12)
Global air travel up just 3% in Jun decelerating significantly on May 6.2% year-on-year growth IATA Communications (Tue Aug 18)
July Airline Business Confidence Index shows airline CFOs & heads of cargo expect decrease in profits IATA Communications (Wed Jul 22)
India could become 3rd largest market by 2029. IATA calls for comprehensive policy for aviation: IATA Communications (Tue Jul 14)
First World Maintenance Symposium to Explore GameChanging Technologies IATA Communications (Tue Jul 07)
May airline share prices down due to investor profit taking, but still up 10% on a year ago IATA Communications (Tue Jul 07)
RunwaysUK IATA DG Tyler: Airlines support Heathrow expansion but debate needed on funding and environment issues IATA Communications (Mon Jul 06)
Global air travel grew 6.9% in May, Middle East region reporting strongest growth of 14%. See full report: IATA Communications (Thu Jul 02)
Air freight volumes were up just 2.1% in May - the slowest rate this year & outpaced by capacity expansion of 4.3% IATA Communications (Wed Jul 01)
Proud to be working w/ @Eurocontrol to support development of aeronautical information services across African region IATA Communications (Tue Jun 30)
SmarterRegulation, delivering safety & connectivity commitment-key to African aviation growth IATA Communications (Tue Jun 23)
AviationDay: Our forecast shows huge potential for African aviation over next 2 decades (pdf) IATA Communications (Tue Jun 23)
Air travel rose 3.8% in April year-on-year globally, slower than 4.6% result in March. See full report (pdf) IATA Communications (Tue Jun 23)
Find out about our activities in Africa & Middle East regions, including paxrights, air connectivity & more: IATA Communications (Wed Jun 17)
CabinOK : read latest comments clarifying key elements of IATA's initiative for carry-on bags IATA Communications (Fri Jun 12)
IATAAGM video: watch Tony Tyler share his reflections after three intense days of Annual General Meeting in Miami IATA Communications (Thu Jun 11)
IATAAGM media briefing New Passenger Trends presentation includes CabinOK & SkyZen app info. Download now (pdf) IATA Communications (Tue Jun 09)
As IATAAGM comes to end @AeroMexico CEO Conesa is elected new Chairman of Board of Governors IATA Communications (Tue Jun 09)
IATAAGM media briefing on "aeropolitics" touched topics of passenger rights, ChangetheDebate & value of aviation IATA Communications (Tue Jun 09)
Aviation engaging in dialogue w/ govts for more uniform regulations regimes across the regions IATA Communications (Tue Jun 09)
IATAAGM video interview: Chief Economist Brian Pearce details airline industry forecast as of mid-2015. IATA Communications (Tue Jun 09)
Watch @vueling CEO Alex Cruz share his expectations from IATA as his company becomes a member airline IATA Communications (Tue Jun 09)
Watch @CathayPacific chief Mr. Chu share his views on biofuels & the role of IATA in support of its members IATA Communications (Tue Jun 09)
Watch IATAAGM CEO Forum video where a group of leading airline CEOs discussed industry challenges & opportunities IATA Communications (Tue Jun 09)
IATAAGM Aircraft Manufacturers & Airlines panel video, photos & other info available online IATA Communications (Tue Jun 09)
View video, photos & other info on IATAAGM Making Airlines Investible panel IATA Communications (Wed Jun 10)
IATAAGM Meeting Consumer Demands panel video, photos & other info are online now IATA Communications (Wed Jun 10)