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Philippine Airlines
@aguasa_joefredo Thank you and have a nice day! Website: Philippine Airlines (Wed Aug 17)
PALADVISORY on flights due to NAIA runway closure from 4:30–11:00PM on July 18, 2016. Philippine Airlines (Mon Jul 18)
Let us show everyone the HeartoftheFilipino. PinoyPrideRocks! Watch the complete music video here: Philippine Airlines (Sun Jun 12)
Got your eye on a seat? Check in early at to reserve your preferred seat! Philippine Airlines (Tue Jun 07)
Thanks for flying with us @JayeHanash and @hellobangsie! :) Philippine Airlines (Tue Apr 05)
Discover the wonders of the world with the airline that celebrates the Philippine Airlines (Mon Apr 04)
Discover the beauty of the Philippines with the airline that celebrates the Philippine Airlines (Sun Apr 03)
Discover the wonders of the world with the airline that celebrates the Philippine Airlines (Sun Apr 03)
In a rare musical feat, the country’s top voices lend their talents to sing our new song. Philippine Airlines (Thu Mar 17)
flyPAL embodies the Beautiful Heart that is uniquely Filipino! HeartoftheFilipino Watch: Philippine Airlines (Wed Mar 16)
@simonbeng Thank you. :) Philippine Airlines (Thu Mar 10)
Being a Million Miler is a privilege so start flying and be part of the chosen few! Philippine Airlines (Tue Feb 23)
;) Philippine Airlines (Tue Feb 23)
Our San Francisco to Manila flights will be arriving at NAIA terminal 1 starting Dec. 8, 2015. Read more here: Philippine Airlines (Mon Dec 07)
Fly to Singapore for as low as USD194 with our Ultimate Seat Sale! Click here for more info: Philippine Airlines (Fri Aug 28)
Travel to these destinations at a discounted price with our Weekend Sale! Learn more Philippine Airlines (Sat Aug 08)
Weekend Sale alert! Learn more here Philippine Airlines (Fri Aug 14)
Have a great flight @ajRAFAEL see you in Manila! Philippine Airlines (Wed Jun 24)
Welcome to Manila @Caspar_Lee @Joe_Sugg @OliWhiteTV Philippine Airlines (Wed Jun 24)
For @xtianbautista, this is how he RPRSNTPINOY. How about you? :) Philippine Airlines (Fri Jun 12)
SuperUday! @itsmesuper_uday For more details, please click on this link: Thank you. :) Philippine Airlines (Mon Jun 01)
Happy to have flown you to the Philippines, Break a leg! “@ronanofficial: Manila we are on the way Philippine Airlines (Tue May 26)
blank space @undercrisis from any of our ticket offices Thank you. :) Philippine Airlines (Sat May 23)
@DolcePalima flight hunting! :) Philippine Airlines (Wed May 13)
@enriquezpat_Hi Patricia!Please click on this link below to learn more about our Student Training Program. Thank you! Philippine Airlines (Wed Apr 22)
le@AmandaBautisa Hi Angelita! You may subscribe to our newsletter to receive news and updated promos or visit :) Philippine Airlines (Wed Apr 15)
Honored and proud to be included on the list of the most dependable airlines in the world. Inspires us to get better Philippine Airlines (Sat Apr 11)
PALAdvisory Flight cancellations due to typhoon "Chedeng" as of April 04, 2015 (8:00 a.m) Philippine Airlines (Sat Apr 04)
Make sure you read up on these tips while planning your trip! Where are you headed to next? Philippine Airlines (Tue Mar 17)
PALWonders what's your all-time favorite beach read this summer? :) (c) bookbaristas Philippine Airlines (Tue Mar 17)
We’d love to see your wonderful experience in the Big Apple! ShowYourPAL your favorite travel photo in NYC. Philippine Airlines (Sun Mar 15)
Ribbon cutting during the PAL Inaugural Flight to NYC Program. Philippine Airlines (Sun Mar 15)
There’s nothing like the sights and sounds of the city where big dreams are made. What’s on your TheNYCList? :) Philippine Airlines (Sat Mar 14)
Up to date promos and news straight to your mail! Subscribe on our email list today. ☺ Philippine Airlines (Sat Mar 14)
Take a breather after touring the concrete jungle & admire the wonderful sights inside the Central Park! Philippine Airlines (Fri Mar 13)
Our PAL crew is ready and excited to see you on board today. ☺ PALFlyFriday © Ravenna Sevilla via IG Philippine Airlines (Fri Mar 13)
TheNYCList wouldn’t be complete without a trip to broadway! Which broadway musical show would you want to see? :) Philippine Airlines (Thu Mar 12)
Can you remember the exact scene on this New York City location in the TV show, Sex and the City? Philippine Airlines (Thu Mar 12)
A dose of the sea will surely take your bad vibes away. :) Who would want to be here today? Philippine Airlines (Wed Mar 11)
Fashion lovers will surely find their haven on NYC’s Fifth Avenue! TheNYCList 5 days to go before PALFliesNY! Philippine Airlines (Tue Mar 10)
We all love sharing our travel photos with friends, so ShowYourPAL your best travel photo of 2014! Philippine Airlines (Tue Mar 10)
It’s going to be a cold 4 degrees celsius when PALFliesNY so bring your ice skates! TheNYCList 6 days to go! Philippine Airlines (Mon Mar 09)
Your trip to NYC wouldn’t be complete w/o saying hello to Lady Liberty. You should include this on your TheNYCList! Philippine Airlines (Fri Mar 06)
The summer heat won’t beat the hardworking crew of PAL! Philippine Airlines (Fri Mar 06)
If you are a lover of adventure and marine life, you will definitely love the city of Mati, Davao. :) Philippine Airlines (Thu Mar 05)
For a change of scenery, take a hike at one of our country’s mountains. Pack your bags & let’s go on an adventure! Philippine Airlines (Thu Mar 05)
How do you pack your bags for a travel? Are you the time saving messy packer or the space-saving clean packer? Philippine Airlines (Tue Mar 03)
Tablas Island in Romblon is perfect if you are looking for that quiet and relaxing getaway. Any plans this summer? Philippine Airlines (Tue Mar 03)
When packing, make sure not to include these items on your baggage to ensure a hassle-free trip. :) Philippine Airlines (Mon Mar 02)
DontSkipASeat and miss the chance to visit these majestic destinations in Tagbilaran and Davao. :) Philippine Airlines (Fri Feb 27)
Are you more of a risk-taker or would you like to stay on the safe side? Philippine Airlines (Thu Feb 26)
We all need time to breathe & be able to rejuvenate ourselves for the days to come, so lighten up and let’s travel. Philippine Airlines (Mon Feb 23)
Have you gone to this magnificent body of water in Badian, Cebu? :) Philippine Airlines (Mon Feb 23)
Have you ever woken up during your flight just to take a photo of stunning views outside your window? :) Philippine Airlines (Sun Feb 22)
Palawan is home to the country’s most beautiful beaches & dive spots, it is also home to PH's earliest humans. :) Philippine Airlines (Sun Feb 22)
If you want to get up-to-date news and promos straight to your mail, subscribe now! :) Philippine Airlines (Sat Feb 21)
Have you completed your list of destinations to go to this year? flyPAL and make those dreams happen! Philippine Airlines (Sat Feb 21)
Would you rather sit on Tom’s bench at Angel Knolls, LA or befriend a stranger at Katz’s Deli, NYC? :) Philippine Airlines (Fri Feb 20)
New York New York Run’s registration is extended until Feb. 25! Hurry & visit now to register! Philippine Airlines (Fri Feb 20)
The “Pambansang Kamao” flying with the Philippines’ flag-carrier makes us feel proud of his success. :) Philippine Airlines (Fri Feb 20)
Create memories with your special someone in a wonderland. Who do you miss sharing your travels with? Philippine Airlines (Thu Feb 19)
The Year of the Sheep calls for new adventures and wanderlust opportunities with that stroke of luck by your side. Philippine Airlines (Thu Feb 19)
Open your eyes for man-made marvels such as these bridges in the PH. Can you add more to our list? Philippine Airlines (Wed Feb 18)
Open your eyes for man-made marvels such as these bridges in the PH. :) Can you add more to our list? Philippine Airlines (Wed Feb 18)
We found one of the best destinations for a romantic getaway. Do you know where this is? Philippine Airlines (Wed Feb 18)
Spice up your relationship with some thrilling activities. If given the chance, where will you bring your date at? Philippine Airlines (Tue Feb 17)
PALWonders what beach in the Philippines would you love to go back to again and again? smile emoticon Philippine Airlines (Tue Feb 17)
PALWonders what beach in the Philippines would you love to go back to again and again? :) Philippine Airlines (Mon Feb 16)
DontSkipaSeat and miss out on the adventures waiting for you in these beautiful cities. :) Philippine Airlines (Mon Feb 16)
time to move out of your comfort zone because there are so many things out there that are waiting to be discovered. Philippine Airlines (Mon Feb 16)
Subscribe today! :) iOs: Philippine Airlines (Sat Feb 14)
Travel is where our heart lies. When was the last time you fell in love with a new destination? Philippine Airlines (Thu Feb 12)
Here are some essentials for all the first time mountaineers out there. Happy trekking! :) Philippine Airlines (Wed Feb 11)
Some days are best spent sailing away w/ your beloved to some place only the both of you know. Philippine Airlines (Wed Feb 11)
PALWonders: Where is the most romantic place in the Philippines for you? :) Philippine Airlines (Tue Feb 10)
Run like you’re in Central Park on 2/28/2015, join us in our New York New York! Run. Philippine Airlines (Mon Feb 09)
Different strokes for different folks. Check if you are a tourist, a traveler or a combination of both! :) Philippine Airlines (Mon Feb 02)
The greatest decisions come from the heart. Would you agree?  flyPAL © @zayntricia via IG Philippine Airlines (Mon Feb 02)
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Be part of Your Home in the Sky! We're currently looking for dynamic, talented and highly motivated people. Philippine Airlines (Tue Jan 27)
Choosing a seat for your next flight with us? Here are a few tips to help you decide! :) Philippine Airlines (Tue Jan 27)
Exploring beautiful countries are best when you have a car in handy! Get 25% off on car rentals w/ Hertz Winter Sale. Philippine Airlines (Mon Jan 26)
Good evening, travel pals! Here's our latest list of flight adjustments regarding Philippine Airlines (Mon Jan 12)
It’s always a good time to enroll yourself in Mabuhay Miles! For more information, visit Philippine Airlines (Sun Jan 11)
Hello, travel pals! Where is your first travel destination for this year? ☺ We are very excited to see you on board. Philippine Airlines (Sun Jan 04)
Here's a heartwarming ChristmasStory: Philippine Airlines (Tue Dec 23)
A Holiday treat from your Home in the Sky: 15-minute free web access onboard until January 31! Philippine Airlines (Tue Dec 23)
Hello travel pals! We now fly from Cebu to Osaka, Japan! Read more here: Philippine Airlines (Mon Dec 22)
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12 Days of Christmas, 12 Days of Amazing Low Fares! Learn more here Philippine Airlines (Tue Dec 09)
TYPHOON RubyPH: FLIGHT BULLETIN 4 AS OF 8PM, DECEMBER 06, 2014. Details here: Philippine Airlines (Sat Dec 06)
TYPHOON RubyPH: FLIGHT BULLETIN 4 AS OF 8PM, DECEMBER 06, 2014 Philippine Airlines (Sat Dec 06)
Your safety is our utmost concern, stay tuned for our advisories on RubyPH. Philippine Airlines (Fri Dec 05)
RubyPH FLIGHT BULLETIN 1 AS OF 5PM, DECEMBER 05, 2014 Your safety is our utmost concern, stay tuned for advisories. Philippine Airlines (Fri Dec 05)
Fukuoka, Nagoya, Osaka, Haneda (Tokyo), Narita (Tokyo) – these are your destination selection when flying to Japan! Philippine Airlines (Tue Dec 02)
Chicago the Musical finally comes to the PH! Redeem your miles now for gala show tickets! Philippine Airlines (Tue Dec 02)
“One day” is today. Tag the people whom you want to spend Christmas with. Start planning now: Philippine Airlines (Mon Dec 01)
We owe him the freedom we enjoy today. Salamat, Andres Bonifcacio. Philippine Airlines (Sun Nov 30)
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When was the last time you traveled with the whole family? Why not plan a vacation w/ them this coming Christmas? :) Philippine Airlines (Sat Nov 29)
If you were to choose one, which would you want to experience in Davao? :) Philippine Airlines (Thu Nov 27)
Redeem your @flypal miles in exchange for a ticket to CHICAGOtheMusical at :) Philippine Airlines (Thu Nov 27)
In Guam, there are so many things to do in hafa adai! We now fly to Guam daily! Book now at Philippine Airlines (Wed Nov 26)
Lovelier memories in Boracay are always with your best pals! Details Philippine Airlines (Tue Nov 25)
Here’s a tip: there’s no better place to bring your beloved than to the City of Love, Iloilo! Philippine Airlines (Tue Nov 25)
For Christmas, Mabuhay Miles will be bringing Broadway’s 1 longest-running musical to you! Philippine Airlines (Tue Nov 25)
‘Tis really the season to be jolly! Great news keeps pourin! Philippine Airlines (Mon Nov 24)
A Christmas Par-Tee invitation to all our Mabuhay Miles Elite members! Philippine Airlines (Fri Nov 21)
Despite the sunny weather, our PAL staffer @yetyetmayette still manages to work with a smile. Philippine Airlines (Fri Nov 21)
Mabuhay Miles members: Get to experience the best of Broadway and all that jazz! Details here: Philippine Airlines (Tue Nov 18)
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Hello, travel buddies! PAL sets introductory fares to New York. PALFliesNY Details here: Philippine Airlines (Mon Nov 17)
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Travel pals, it's the best time to book your 2015 travels! Details Philippine Airlines (Tue Nov 11)
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Whether it feels chilly or warm, we have the perfect deals for all seasons! Philippine Airlines (Sat Nov 08)
Whether it feels chilly or warm, we have the perfect deals for all seasons! Philippine Airlines (Sat Nov 08)
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Don't forget to try these dishes when you’re in Roxas! Here's our latest PALPromoFare! Philippine Airlines (Thu Nov 06)