China Southern Airlines on Saturday received Airbus’ first delivery of A380 jumbo jet.

The A380 jumbo jet landed at the Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA) Saturday morning and will start its maiden voyage from Beijing to Guangzhou, the provincial capital of southern Guangdong Province on Monday, said Tan Wangeng, a senior manager of China Southern.

It is Airbus’ first out of five A380 jets to be delivered by Airbus to China Southern, according to Airbus.

The A380 jumbo jet will fly on commercial domestic route between Beijing and Guangzhou from Oct. 18-26 and between Beijing and Shanghai Pudong International Airport from Oct. 27-29.

China Southern’s A380 has a 506-seat cabin featuring eight luxury first-class suites, 70 flat-bed business-class seats and 428 economy-class seats.

China southern a380



Don’t mess with the cabin crew onboard Hong Kong Airlines, because they’re about to become martial arts masters. No, really! After a flight attendants trained in close-range combat found her skills helped her deal with unruly and heavy passengers, the airline has now made such training compulsory for all flight crew, with other HK Airlines staff invited to learn as well.

According to the AFP, the flight attendants will specifically learn Wing Chun, a form of Kung Fu ideal for up-close combat in confined spaces.

Flight crew won’t just be using it to chop troublesome passengers into submission; it’ll also aid with overweight passengers. The Wing Chun-trained FA who inspired all this actually found her strength allowed her to better deal with an overweight man who was feeling ill onboard a flight. Those who are currently in the program say they’re enjoying it, since being able to defend themselves is a valuable skill.



Korean Air unveils a luxury duty free shop available to passengers during their flight on the Airbus A380

April 12, 2011

Korean Air has unveiled a unique feature on board its new A380 superjumbo — a luxury duty free shop available to passengers during their flight.

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Lufthansa adds in flight exercise bikes to the A380

April 12, 2011

Here’s a novel way to while away the time and burn away some calories during those interminable long-distance flights: an exercise bike suitable for inflight use.

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Fire breaks out in QANTAS Airbus A330 cockpit.

March 23, 2011

A QANTAS Airbus flying from the Philippines to Sydney made a forced landing in Cairns after a fire broke out in the plane’s cockpit.

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United Airlines may ground its Boeing 737-500 and 767-200ER aircraft to cut fuel use

March 14, 2011

United Airlines the world’s largest carrier, may ground its Boeing 737-500 and 767-200ER aircraft to cut fuel use amid rising prices.
Getting rid of less fuel efficient planes is among steps the carrier is considering after announcing March 7 that it would pare planned capacity growth this year. The capacity changes won’t require employee layoffs, Chief Executive Officer Jeff Smisek said today.

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Emirates Airlines seeks 4000 crew

March 9, 2011

Emirates Airline is hiring thousands of staff to service its burgeoning fleet of A380 superjumbos, with each requiring more than 150 air crew.

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Korean Airlines to introduce a more luxurious version of the Airbus A380 soon.

January 2, 2011

Korean Air is scheduled to induct the double-decker Airbus A380 plane in its fleet this year by May. They have made very luxurious plans for the new plane and its interiors. They plan turn the entire upper deck of an Airbus A380 into a luxurious space for business class passengers with lie-flat seats. The total number of seats in the plane will be reduced, but the idea is to provide space and comfort on long haul flights.

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Singapore Airlines to expand Business Class on the A380

December 22, 2010

It has been rumoured that Singapore Airlines are planning to increase the number of Business Class seats on their Airbus A380 fleet due to an increase in demand for premium seats.

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